Welcome! The aim of this site is to allow me to share my 50 years of search seeking for knowledge of ourselves and the universe around us. I have written a hundred twenty pages ebook, The Ultimate Quest, which is totally free and has no upsell. It describes various paths taken in the modern age and in antiquity to have a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. it goes from quantum physics, near death experiences, early Christianity, Buddhism and more and it describes the connection between these paths and the essence which is contained in them all but also transcends them. Most importantly it describes how you can use various forms of self-enquiry and meditation to put those teachings into practice so that they do not remain just an intellectual exercise. The ebook can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

This site has also numerous playlists of the videos created by Carlo De Paoli about all forms of bodywork, from simple massage, to various forms of Oriental bodywork and
to more advanced forms of physical therapy like osteopathy. It also covers Chinese medicine and various subjects in the field of self-help and nutrition.

Amongst the playlists you will find some like ‘mindfulness’ which teaches meditation and compliments really well the ebook ‘The Ultimate Quest’

If you have difficulty in watching the playlists you can watch a short instructional video
and it will show you how simple it is to view them, go to the page ‘How to’ or click this
link https://newspiritualhumanism.wordpress.com/how-to/

To download the ebook just right click and save the link below:

The Ultimate Quest