Free ebooks

I have written a hundred twenty pages ebook, The Ultimate Quest, which is totally free and has no upsell and you can freely distribute. It describes various paths taken in the modern age and in antiquity to have a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. It goes from quantum physics, near death experiences, early Christianity, Buddhism and more and describes the connection between these paths and the essence which is contained in them all but also transcends them. Most importantly it describes how you can use various forms of self-enquiry and meditation to put those teachings into practice so that they do not remain just an intellectual exercise.

The Ultimate Quest condenses the learning and realizations of a 50 years spiritual journey that started at the age of 18 in India. In the link to ‘About’ you can read more about my journey.

For those particularly interested in early Christianity and the original teachings of Jesus I have used the chapter in the ebook The Ultimate Quest and made it into an extended 30 pages ebook called ‘The New Covenant and the Words of Jesus.

Click on the links to download the desired ebooks

The Ultimate Quest

The New Covenant and Words of Jesus